Privacy Policy

Unlocator Updater by Joris Vervuurt Software

This policy applies only to the app and is subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to Unlocator's Privacy Policy for more information about the policy that applies to the services offered by Unlocator.

If you do not agree with the policy, please stop using the app and remove the app from your device.

Collection of Data

We do not collect any data about you or your usage of the app.

Usage of Personal Information

Your Unlocator account needs to be linked to the app before you can make use of the app. The app can fetch your Unlocator API URL for you, or you can choose to manually enter it.

If you choose to let the app fetch your API URL, you are asked to enter your Unlocator login credentials. Your login credentials are not saved on this device nor are they sent to anybody other than Unlocator.

Your API URL is saved locally on this device and will never be used for anything other than accessing Unlocator's API.

Last updated: April 20, 2015